Collaborative Law May Be The Answer

Collaborative divorce is an efficient, effective out-of-court alternative for resolving all of your family law issues with your spouse or partner that uses respect, problem-solving, team-building, empathy and compassion from the outset and avoids destructive and expensive hardball litigation.

You and your children are the center of focus in this voluntary, nonadversarial approach. The central tenet is that clients agree to use negotiation and an open exchange of relevant information instead of litigation. The entire process is confidential. You, not the court system, control the process and solutions. You and your spouse or partner identify your goals, given that your marriage is ending, and work together with professionals you choose to achieve those goals. The process is dedicated to arriving at solutions that meet your family's unique needs.

Collaborative divorce succeeds when everyone is willing to work on resolving disputes and engage in good faith in productive settlement discussions. It generally costs less than traditional litigation (although there are no guarantees) and builds a positive foundation for communication and problem-solving that benefits you and your family.

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