What Are Guardianships?

Guardianships or conservatorships are court-supervised proceedings that allow an adult to care for and/or manage the finances of another person. A guardianship is usually not necessary for an adult who has an effective durable power of attorney. When dealing with an incapacitated adult or vulnerable child, the Washington attorneys at Gellner Law Group can handle a guardianship matter and anticipate your legal needs. Based in Kent, Washington, we represent clients in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.

At Gellner Law Group, we work closely with clients in a wide range of estate, guardianship, probate and tax law matters. With over 35 years of legal experience, we are in an excellent position to act as your advocate during a difficult time. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call 425-336-2908.

Steps Required For Creation Of A Legal Guardianship

If you have concerns about an individual, it may be possible to establish a guardianship. When initiating a guardianship proceeding, it will be necessary to notify family members regarding the hearing.

The lawyers at Gellner Law Group have extensive experience representing individuals and families in guardianship proceedings. There may be a need for a guardianship when there are concerns about minor children, loved ones with incapacities, and children who do not have a parent. Once established, the guardian will manage the care of the individual in question. The guardian is responsible for managing the estate and filing accountings to assure protection of income and assets is taking place.

There are limits to a guardianship, however, and it is important to understand when a guardianship is or is not appropriate. A guardian will be subject to supervision by the court. Financial assets may be bonded or blocked. Gellner Law Group regularly advises guardians concerning duties along with reporting requirements.

Avoiding Guardianship Disputes

Besides being time-consuming and expensive, creation of a guardianship can result in disagreements among family members. It is possible to avoid such disagreement by anticipating concerns and putting in place estate planning tools such as a power of attorney. It is also possible to put in place a testamentary trust or living trust to avoid expense or the necessity of court supervision.

If an estate plan has not been enacted in your case and a guardianship proceeding is necessary, our compassionate lawyers will work diligently on your behalf to accomplish your goals and protect your rights.

Guardian Training

In King County, all lay guardians are required to view a training video and file proof of doing so with the court.

Putting Our Legal Services To Work For You

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