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Offers from a tax settlement company may be too good to be true

With the tax season just weeks away, you may have several concerns over your tax situation. In fact, worries may have plagued you for months because you did not properly address the taxes you owed earlier this year. Now, you have outstanding tax debt, and you worry that you will face substantial penalties from the Internal Revenue Service.

Unfortunately, serious consequences can result from situations like yours. However, you do not have to resign yourself to a negative outcome. In fact, options are available for seeking help with your tax-related issues. However, you may want to remain wary of tax settlement companies, or tax mills, that claim they can lower your tax debt.

Not what they seem

While struggling financially, you may think that a settlement company is your lifeboat in an ocean of tax debt due to the promises they make. Unfortunately, many of the claims these companies make are too good to be true.

Advertisements may suggest that they can help you reduce or resolve your tax debt all while working with professionals. Some may even claim to have worked for the IRS. Before you jump for joy or hand over your fee payment, you may want to consider possible falsehoods.

Some misrepresentation from these companies that you could fall victim to includes the following:

  • Working with former IRS employees: While the possibility does exist that some of the settlement workers may have tax-related backgrounds, it is more likely that the representatives are standard customer service workers.
  • Negotiating with the IRS to lower your debt: A settlement company may claim that representatives will negotiate with the IRS and substantially lower your debt amount. However, the amount they claim they can reduce your debt is likely unrealistic.
  • Making an offer in compromise work for you: While an offer in compromise is a legitimate avenue for reducing debt with the IRS, not everyone qualifies for this option. If a tax settlement company claims you will automatically qualify, you may want to rethink choosing their services.

Additionally, tax settlement services do not come for free or even for cheap. These companies often want thousands of dollars in fees depending on the amount of tax debt you owe.

As a result, you could wind up spending thousands of dollars for their help only for that help to amount to very little or nothing off your outstanding debt. Some companies may be complete scams in which they make false promises to obtain your payment without any intention of even trying to help.

Reliable help

If you are struggling with tax-related issues and do not want to risk your luck with tax mills, you do not have to feel out of hope. Speaking with a Washington attorney who understands tax law may allow you to understand your viable options for addressing your situation legally.

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