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How to choose an estate administrator

When planning your estate, there are a myriad of factors to consider. One of the most important may be who you choose to handle your estate once you have passed. The estate administrator, sometimes referred to as the executor of the estate, is responsible for ensuring all matters involving the estate are handled properly. It may be daunting at times for estate administrators to juggle all of the duties given to them, and so it is critical that you select someone who is up for the task. If, however, the administrator you choose does not want to take on the position, he or she may decline and the court will appoint one to take over the duties. 

Do-it-yourself estate planning may not be the best idea

Most Kent area residents know the importance of having an estate plan. Although most people know that estate plans are valuable some may think that they can be expensive. Do-it-yourself estate plans are available but can often lead to confusion.

Alternatives to probate

The death of a loved one can be an emotional time. Many people going through the estate planning process in Washington know about probate. Probate is the court process that supervises the transfer of money and property, identification of heirs and payment of debts when someone dies. Probate can be a significant cost for an estate and there are ways, through careful planning, that probate can be avoided or significantly reduced.

Looking at Kasem's probate to avoid estate planning issues

Preparing for the future it common for Washington State residents and those across the nation. Whether it is for the short-term or the long-term, taking steps to protect the future and finances of an individual and their family is important. When a will is constructed during a person's lifetime, the details of the document could unexpectedly created issues during the estate administration. The probate process could be complicated if estate planning is not done properly, so it is crucial an individual carefully and adequately drafts the document.

Avoiding probate court is a must for every Kent resident

One thing many Kent residents tend to avoid thinking about is death. After some of the recent malevolent tragedies to plague our nation, one can rarely know when to expect death. Since the topic is so morose, many people tend to avoid thinking about what will happen to their loved ones upon their demise. When it comes to estate planning, numerous individuals have left their family and loved ones to the cumbersome process of probate court to determine how their assets and property will be divided.

Choosing an executor for Kent estates

Effective comprehensive estate planning generally requires the advice and services of a licensed attorney with the experience to recognize the benefits or problems that may arise around individual circumstances. Fortunately, addressing the legal aspects of estate planning need not be overly stressful or expensive. The more difficult challenges in formulating an estate plan tend to be choices that need to be made on a purely personal basis. One of those difficult choices can be the selection of who to nominate as the executor of your estate.

Estate planning a thoughtful gift to Kent families

As area families prepare for holiday get-togethers, it may be a good time for every Kent resident to think about giving the gift of advance consideration to matters that loved ones will need to deal with after your death. The relatively easy task of tidying up some personal details can help simplify estate administration and reduce the complexity of probate proceedings.

Succession plans essential for Kent business owners

Many Kent business owners may hope and expect that ownership and operation of the family business will be passed on to children after retirement or in the event of death. While in some cases business interests will pass smoothly to children under default probate laws, a number of different factors can lead to unexpected and undesirable results. Business owners who take the time to establish a solid succession plan can enjoy greater certainty about the future of their businesses and potentially take advantage of opportunities to reduce inheritance tax liabilities at the same time.

Superstorm a reminder to provide for pets in Kent estate plans

Images of Superstorm Sandy's battering of New York and other east coast regions last month may have touched the hearts of many Kent residents. Amidst the scenes of flooding and lost homes, one of the stories that may have been overlooked involved the tough choices many residents had to face when it came to the fate of their pets.

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