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What factors should you consider when writing a will

Creating a last will and testament is certainly not the first thing on many people’s minds. Yet, the importance of having a will in place is huge, as unforeseen events and accidents may take away your ability to draft a will in the future. Writing a will helps to ensure your property, assets and possessions are handled according to your wishes when you pass and are no longer able to dictate your wishes. There are some factors you should consider when sitting down to create your last will and testament

Revisiting your estate plan amid divorce

Anytime you experience a significant change in your life, you may want to revisit and potentially modify your Washington estate plan, and divorcing your spouse constitutes one such change. At Gellner Law Group, we recognize that your needs and desires with regard to your estate plan can change considerably once you split from the person with whom you once planned to share your life. As such, we have helped many people in these situations modify their estate plans to reflect their new circumstances.

Is it hard to write a will?

The term "estate planning" is all-inclusive and defines the process whereby you plan for your future. Throughout your efforts to establish an estate plan for yourself in Washington, you may write a will, make critical designations of your assets, identify people you trust to make important end-of-life decisions on behalf of you should you become incapacitated, and even make preparations for the care of dependents in the event of your death. 

Should I write my own will?

Many people attempt to save money on estate planning costs by writing their own wills. While there are many DIY will creation services available, writing your own will can be problematic in many ways. The Balance explains a few of the pitfalls of creating your own will without an attorney's assistance. 

Millennials need estate planning as well

Many Kent area residents have taken the time to create an estate plan. However, not all ages believe that estate planning is for them. Millennials are one group who may think that estate planning is not something they need to worry about right now. But, the truth is that everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of age.

Some estate planning mistakes and the best ways to avoid them

Many residents in the Kent area have taken the time to create an estate plan for their family. They understand the importance of having this done to make sure their wishes are followed and their family is not left with a tremendous burden. Creating an estate plan is important, but mistakes can be made.

The holiday season is a great time to discuss estate planning

Now that the holiday season is upon us, many families will have the opportunity to spend time together. Most people will say that spending time with loved ones is one of the best parts of the holiday season. While families gather this holiday season in the Kent area, estate planning may be a good topic of discussion.

Divorced women and estate planning

Unfortunately, many marriages in the Kent area do not last forever. When a person gets divorced, it can affect many aspects of their life, including their estate planning. For those who have gone through the divorce transition, it is important to evaluate an estate plan and make sure it is updated for the new period of a person's life.

Estate planning for millennials

Kent area residents should understand that estate planning is not just for the older generation. Although many people assume that those who have a great amount of assets or are approaching the end of their lives should have an estate plan, estate planning is actually for everyone, millennials included.

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