Hello, I’m Jennifer Rydberg. Thank you for coming to my website. I love to help people like you protect themselves and their families and plan for their future success and legacies. Recognizing that your family is yourmost important resource, I provide you with the legal support you need to realistically plan for the day you may not be able to handle your affairs or ultimately die, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, compassion, and ethics.

Do you like to save money and legally avoid taxes? Well, you’ve come to the right attorney. While effective estate planning has a cost, it is an investment in your future and that of your family that minimizes futurelegal fees and nurtures the relationships you value and wish to protect. There are many tools to use – wills, trusts, powers of attorney and more. After understanding your goals and concerns, the correct legal tools will be explained and utilized so you can economically and securely protect your family.

Has someone you loved died? Grief can be tough to get through. With compassion and highly developed legal skills, I help you navigate the confusing legal procedures you and your family face, effectively, efficiently and economically. When a probate is necessary, I work with the personal representative or heirs to protect your legal rights and help ensure that the decedent’s wishes are legally followed. Often, less expensive non-probate alternatives can be used to transfer ownership of a decedent’s estate to the lawful heirs, and I use those whenever they are applicable. Even if a loved one died without a Will, the estate might be one that does not need a probate.

Is someone you love vulnerable and needing protection or a victim of fraud? Is it time to activate a durable power of attorney or start a guardianship? Working with me, I will explain your legal options, rights and duties, help you access the resources you need for your unique situation, set up simple systems so you can easily understand and comply with the legal and fiduciary regulations that you must follow, and help you protect your loved one. When incapacity strikes, I can guide you through a guardianship or help you use legal non-court alternatives to a guardianship proceeding.

Are you facing divorce or have a family law problem to solve? My 36 years of experience representing folks in family law situations is extensive. Always exploring a cooperative, collaborative approach to problem solving before resorting to expensive litigation, you will receive supportive, compassionate family law legal services that strive to provide economical and practical solutions for your individual circumstances.

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