Child Support And College Tuition Support

Child support can be established in both court and administrative proceedings. The appropriate child support amount varies with the parents' financial resources and the ages and financial needs of their children. If you live in King County and need the help of an experienced family law attorney to change your existing child support amount, contact child support lawyer Jennifer Rydberg.

Jennifer has been representing Washington residents in family law matters since 1978. She works diligently to seek the most favorable result possible for each of her valued clients. She can assist with your child support case, including:

  • Child support adjustments, by motion with two weeks' minimum notice
  • Child support modifications, by petition with trial in about four months
  • College support
  • Establishing child support, both temporarily and permanently
  • Increasing child support at age 12, usually done with an adjustment procedure

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Additional Support At Age 12

The amount of child support a parent may receive in Washington depends on several factors. One such factor is a child's age. When children turn 12 in Washington, custodial parents may seek additional support, but they must take appropriate legal action to do so.

College Support In Washington

In Washington, child support does not necessarily stop at age 18. Financial support may be required until the child turns 23 or until the completion of a bachelor's degree. Frequently, these cases can be resolved by mutual agreement of the parties so that no contested court proceeding is necessary.

Each child support order has a different time when child support is set to expire. You need to request, before the date your support ends under the terms of your order (often at age 18; sometimes earlier), that the court order additional support!

Child Support Modifications And Adjustments

Obtaining a child support adjustment is typically cheaper than a full child support modification. Whereas a modification changes the terms of a previous custody order (such as extending child support through college), an adjustment merely changes the amount paid by one parent to another.

Contact An Attorney

If you need help with a child support or college support issue near Seattle, attorney Jennifer Rydberg can help. To contact Jennifer about your child support matter, call 425-336-2908 or contact her by email.