• Much better set for the future
    A couple of friends recommended Jennifer based on their positive experiences. We found her to be very competent and caring, Jenny listens, analyzes and presents alternative solutions for consideration.
  • Lawyer with a heart
    Jenny is a Lawyer with a heart! she will fight hard for you and keep you on task and focused during your difficult and emotional time so that you can achieve a favorable outcome. She will handle all obstacles thrown at her with a VERY tenacious yet professional attitude. She is very precise in her approach. I am so happy that I hired her and you will be too!
  • Professional experienced problem solver who puts YOUR best interest first
    Jenny knew exactly how to navigate the judicial system and helped guide me in a way that avoided an expensive and lengthy process. She is a compassionate individual who at the same time maintains a stern position on the rights of her client. Jenny provided me with creative alternatives that allowed me to effectively negotiate a resolution instead of relinquishing decision-making to a court/judge. Her professional etiquette & successful reputation was proven in the courtroom when I witnessed the respect she was shown by personnel in that infrastructure.