How To Choose The Right Person For Your Power Of Attorney

Selecting the right person to be your power of attorney is not always easy. Some people know immediately whom to choose: a parent, a spouse, a sibling or a child. For others, the choice is not as straightforward.

Families have complicated dynamics. Not every member is suitable to make life-changing legal, financial and medical decisions on your behalf. You can also select someone who is not related to you — a friend or colleague, for example. No matter whom you choose, you must make your decision wisely.

The attorneys at Gellner Law Group can help you determine whom to name as your power of attorney. In addition, we can act as advocates for you if you become incapacitated, ensuring that your agent follows the instructions in your power of attorney.

How Do I Choose A Power Of Attorney? Consider These Important Factors.

When choosing someone, the most important factor to consider is trustworthiness. Do you trust that this person will faithfully follow your wishes as stipulated in your power of attorney?

You should also consider whether this person will feel up to the task of being your power of attorney. It is a big responsibility that can be time-consuming and exhausting. Have a frank, honest discussion with the candidates you are considering. Ask whether they would feel comfortable taking on this responsibility and whether they would feel confident making tough decisions on your behalf.

Two Powers Of Attorney Are Better Than One

You may also wish to name more than one power of attorney. When you have two people acting on your behalf — acting jointly or independently — then you can rest assured that there is someone there to enact your wishes.

We Can Help You Select Someone

If you live in the Seattle area of Washington state and still feel conflicted about whom to select as your POA, our lawyers can help. Schedule your appointment with us to talk more about choosing the right person. Send an email or call 425-336-2908 to schedule a consultation at our office in Kent.