How Would You Want Your Life Or Death Decisions Handled?

Composing a living will ensures that your end-of-life directives are known and carried out when you are unable to communicate.

The lawyers at Gellner Law Group will treat your situation with compassion and individual attention. We will personally walk you through the process of drawing up a living will that spells out your wishes. From our convenient location in Kent, we represent clients throughout the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. With over 35 years' experience, we help clients explore situations that commonly arise and make wise decisions about end-of-life care.

What Is A Living Will?

Living wills allow terminally ill patients to die on their own terms and with dignity. They also reduce family conflicts by clearly defining one's wishes.

Current events have recently thrust living wills into the spotlight. These documents stipulate the intervention — for example, life support, feeding tubes and artificial hydration — that should be taken, and under what circumstances (permanent unconsciousness, comatose state, terminal condition, vegetative state). These documents are also known as advanced directives, health care directives or directives to physicians.

The Sudden Nature Of Accidents

No one expects to be injured in a sudden accident or health event such as a stroke. Severe illnesses can occur without warning. The last thing you want to do is wait until it is too late to act. Taking decisive action now is always the best course.

A living will is not overly expensive. It could save your family thousands in legal costs if you are terminal and cannot communicate. We provide estate planning services that are affordable for middle-income families. If drafted improperly, Washington courts may contest living wills. Gellner Law Group will help ensure that your living will is in line with the letter of the law.

Gellner Law Group Helps People Plan For The Future

Take control of your future by planning for the unexpected. Contact our Kent living wills attorney today at 425-336-2908 to schedule an appointment regarding this important estate planning matter. You can also schedule your consultation by sending an email.