Help With Powers Of Attorney Documents

Are you covered in case you become unable to make decisions for yourself because of incapacity or sudden disability? Have you designated someone to make decisions for your children if both parents are disabled or unavailable?

Lack of formalized powers of attorney for finances, children and health care could lead to difficult decisions for your loved ones, costly and invasive guardianship proceedings or outcomes you never intended.

Careful Drafting Of Estate Planning Instruments

The power of attorney you sign while competent should be granted to someone you know and trust to act in your best interests. The estate planning attorneys at Gellner Law Group can help you decide whom to choose and can draft the powers to enable that person to make decisions in line with your wishes. We have served clients throughout King County since 1978. Contact our Seattle area office today at 425-336-2908.

Decades Of Experience In These Matters

Powers of attorney can be broad, covering all your affairs, or can be specific and limited in scope. You may choose to have one person cover your personal legal and financial affairs and another make medical decisions for you. Gellner Law Group has more than 35 years of experience in estate planning matters. Our depth of experience and compassionate approach are assets to anyone planning for the future.

Durable Powers Of Attorney For Personal And Financial Matters

This person will be able to act on your behalf in all business matters such as:

  • Handling real estate transactions or collecting money owed
  • Managing income, paying debts and filing tax returns
  • Managing financial accounts and retirement plans
  • Signing of documents or legal proceedings

Health Care Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney for health care covers circumstances in which you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself. Our law firm drafts health care powers of attorney to cover foreseeable decisions your designee might have to make: life support (see living wills), surgery, choice of facilities and medical providers, and more.

It is critical that your power of attorney include a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) release of medical records so that doctors may release information necessary to activate your power of attorney and your family can take informed action.

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Save your loved ones from confusion and difficulties should you become incapacitated. Please contact Kent, Washington, estate planning lawyers at Gellner Law Group to schedule a consultation regarding the powers of attorney that are appropriate for your circumstances.