Helping You Find Low-Cost Probate Alternatives

Probate is a court proceeding that supervises the transfer of property and payment of debts of an individual who has passed away. Through careful estate planning and low-cost probate alternatives, many probate costs can be avoided or significantly reduced.

The attorneys at Gellner Law Group help those we represent locate the alternatives they need concerning probate matters. We have been helping clients throughout King County since 1978.

Avoiding Probate Is Often Possible

Formal probate may be avoided in several ways:

  • Assets held in trust may bypass probate.
  • Assets subject to a community property agreement may bypass probate.
  • Estates with less than $100,000 can proceed through a nonprobate procedure.
  • Financial accounts with joint ownership or designated beneficiaries may bypass probate.
  • Life insurance proceeds may bypass probate with clear beneficiary designations.
  • Property with clear title may bypass probate.
  • Real estate with life estate deeds, rights of survivorship or transfer on death deeds avoid probate.

Whether you need help with the probate of an estate or need an attorney in Seattle to help you reduce probate costs through careful estate planning, Gellner Law Group can assist. With more than 35 years of legal experience, our office is prepared to handle all of your estate planning needs.

Affordable Estate Planning

Gellner Law Group offers estate planning services to people of all economic means. Whether you need high-level estate planning or a lawyer to draft a simple will, our lawyers can provide the quality legal representation you seek. Basic estate planning services are affordable to middle-income families and can provide tremendous value.

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