Finding The Right Solution To Your Employment Tax Issue

Individuals and businesses throughout the state of Washington face a number of obstacles when it comes to paying employment taxes. It is important to calculate the employer portion correctly and to maintain good records. If self-employed, your taxes are calculated differently.

The attorneys at Gellner Law Group understand what actions to take to resolve employment and payroll tax disputes. We strive to find a way for you to reduce your tax liabilities, and we have been providing such services for clients in Washington state since 2000. Should you require representation in the U.S. Tax Court or during a tax audit, we will be there for you.

Why It Is Important To Report Employment Taxes Correctly

Employment tax matters are extremely complex. It involves categorization of workers as full-time employees or independent contractors. Besides reporting expenses correctly, you need to calculate payroll taxes with precision. The failure to report employment taxes accurately can result in serious legal difficulties. There are particularly harsh penalties that accompany the failure to deposit and the failure to file W-2 forms correctly. Infractions of employment tax laws can result in civil and criminal penalties, including significant fines. Such a failure can also result in disrupting business operations or even closing of the business. Besides your business facing a liability, it is also possible that you could face personal liability as well.

It is important to have a seasoned tax lawyer who can provide advice and guidance regarding all employment tax issues. With the many complex requirements that come along with filing employment taxes, you require skilled legal representation to make certain you are in compliance with all requirements. It is also helpful to have someone at your side explain all of your legal options.

At Gellner Law Group, employment tax attorney Jennifer A. Gellner, LL.M., can respond to your employment tax needs appropriately. As a past director of the Federal Tax Clinic and former member of the faculty at Gonzaga University School of Law, she has been resolving every sort of tax issue and controversy since 2000.

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