What Should I Put In My Estate Plan?

You wish to take the important step of creating an estate plan, but you are not sure where to start. Planning your estate can seem like a long, complex and overwhelming process. Many people choose to work with skilled estate planning attorneys in the Seattle area to make the process simpler. At Gellner Law Group, our lawyers can help you create the estate plan that best suits your needs.

What Every Estate Plan Should Include

You may be wondering: What should my estate plan include? Here, we will go over some of the fundamental aspects of an estate plan.

  • A last will and testament

In your last will and testament, you will name the beneficiaries who will inherit your estate, and you will designate which assets and property will go to whom. In your will, you can also appoint guardians for any minors in your care.

  • A living will

A living will, also referred to as a health care directive, is different from your last will and testament. This document stipulates the medical care that you would like to receive if you are terminally ill or in a coma. This allows your physicians and family to take care of you in the manner you would prefer.

  • Trusts

Trusts are important tools for passing assets to your beneficiaries. The benefit of trusts is that they do not have to go through probate, as they are handled privately. In addition, you can remain in control of one or more trusts while you are still alive.

  • Powers of attorney

By creating a power of attorney, you are naming someone to make important medical, financial and legal decisions on your behalf in case you become incapacitated.

Don't Wait To Plan Your Estate

You should not put off planning your estate until you are elderly. Every adult in Washington, young and old, should have an estate plan in case something happens to them. Gellner Law Group can help you create yours. Simply call us at 425-336-2908 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Kent office.