Why Everyone Needs A Will

Talking about a will can seem uncomfortable because it acknowledges that we are mortal. However, a will is an essential tool for distributing your assets and securing your legacy after your death.

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Experienced Attorneys Know What To Include

Choosing the right attorney to draft, review or revise your will is an important matter. You want experienced estate planning lawyers who will take the time to understand your personal goals and objectives.

Gellner Law Group has been helping Seattle-area residents with their estate planning goals for more than 35 years. We are pleased to provide clients with affordable legal services, including a full complement of estate planning services. We can help ensure your loved ones' well-being, spare them from difficult decisions and reduce their exposure to taxes and probate.

Wills Are Not Just For The Rich

Every adult needs a basic estate plan that includes a will. A simple will is the start of an effective estate plan that may include trusts, a living will, a community property agreement, durable powers of attorney, transfer on death deeds and more. Sometimes, trusts are added to provide for vulnerable children, to minimize taxes or for privacy.

You have two choices: create your own estate plan while you are alive, or have Washington state courts create one for you after your death. Your plan can easily be structured to avoid court-supervised, expensive and involved probate and guardianship proceedings.

High-Asset Estates May Require Complex Planning

If you need a complex will for a large estate, we have the knowledge to meet your needs. Working with your accountant and financial adviser, we will design a complete estate plan that protects your assets and legally avoids or minimizes estate and gift taxes and probate costs.

Get The Experienced Help You Need

Legal guidance for drafting your estate plan is only a phone call or email away. To speak with an attorney about a will or an estate planning matter, contact Gellner Law Group. We have a convenient office location in Kent. For assistance in the Seattle-Tacoma area, call 425-336-2908 or reach us by email.